Welcome to the website of the System Architectures group at Dipartimento di Elettronica e Informazione of the Politecnico di Milano.

The term system architecture refers to a quite large research area that includes parallel and distributed architectures as well as network servers down to intelligent embedded systems and pervasive sensor networks. Such a large spectrum of architectures, in continuous evolution, requires facing problems of modeling and design space exploration following flexible approaches that can be adapted to the optimization of different figures of merit, whose relevance changes depending on the application environment. Examples of significant figures of merit are: performance, accuracy, quality of service, security of computation and transmission, power consumption, dependability, reliability and fault tolerance, robustness, cost effectiveness both for design and realization.
Effective results have been obtained in these years by synergically studying both the architectural characteristics of the single components of the systems, the application properties and the design methodologies oriented toward the concurrent development of hardware and software components. Hardware/software codesign methodologies have been studied with the aim of exploring the different application solutions and architectural alternatives while satisfying the relevant figures of merit.
Details on the several research lines being investigated can be found in the dedicated page.